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Permeable Paving driveway

Permeable Paving

This durable and slip resistant floor covering comes in a wide range of colours and creates a visual appeal of an elegant seamless surface.

Quartz Carpet in office

Quartz Carpet

Quartz Carpet is a stunning and unique flooring system. It is ideal for commercial, residential, industrial, recreational & institutional settings.

Decorative Concrete with bench

Decorative Concrete

This extremely durable flooring option comes in a wide range of designs, molds, colours, and textures with options to suit any budget.

Decorative Concrete

When people think of concrete, they think of a plain gray surface that is oftentimes dull and bland. What they don’t know is that concrete comes in different forms, designs, and colours. Seeing decorative concrete definitely changes the way you see concrete as a material used for building, renovation, and beautification projects. While you see it usually in commercial property designs, decorative concrete has a good place in home architecture or improvement.

For some people, the choice between ordinary concrete and decorative concrete is trivial. But others take it seriously. Residential and commercial property construction, improvement, and renovation are big financial decisions that require forethought. You have to figure out whether you prefer wood, brick, vinyl, or some other type of material unless you have enough money to burn. Because most, if not all, of us don’t want material wastage, we want to devote enough time to figuring out what material to use. Nonetheless, if you choose decorative concrete, you’re hardly making a wrong choice for the following reasons.

Limitless choices

Decorative concrete comes in a wide range of designs, moulds, colours, and textures. Thus, there certainly are options that can fit your preference and budget. You can even make your own concrete design. You can go for geometric designs. You can choose unique patterns. Anything is possible with decorative concrete. It is really a flexible solution to your home aesthetic needs.

Not only do you get unlimited choices with decorative concrete, but also you get amazingly gorgeous results. It’s called decorative concrete for that reason. You can have textured surfaces with grooves, patterns, and engraving. You can have stamped surfaces that look like stone, brick, or slate. You can have coloured designs of wonderful selections for your floors, walls, pathways, and so on.

The limitless options for different applications offer sheer versatility. Property owners, therefore, have astounding ways to make their homes, offices, restaurants, or walkways look more appealing. For instance, you can choose among endless designs for your driveway resurfacing project.

Decorative concrete can mimic stone pathways without breaking the bank. In addition, it accentuates your landscape layout with striking wall or patio designs.


There’s sometimes apprehension with using decorative concrete on areas with high foot traffic. It seems counterproductive to lay that beautiful design only to be stepped on and dirtied. But you might be surprised to know about the durability of decorative concrete. That is why you see them even in busy areas. They resist impact, friction, and weather elements. The right materials withstand heavy loads. Hence, they are good for driveways and even areas with heavy furniture or machinery. You can rest assured your pets won’t be able to scratch your polished layer of concrete with stencilled design.

Durability lends itself to simple maintenance. Let’s all face it. We want great looking spaces that don’t require tedious maintenance. That’s exactly why you want decorative concrete. You may think it’s so beautiful that it probably requires cleaning and polishing every now and then. But that’s just not the case. Maintenance often involves occasional mopping. You don’t have to do waxing until after a year and sealing until after 5 years.

Even with little maintenance, you can be sure that the colour, pattern, texture, and design will remain unchanged for years and years.

The green choice

One feature of decorative concrete that is often ignored is its eco-friendliness. That’s probably because the term eco-friendly is getting tossed around too frequently that its meaning is eventually diluted.

However, what makes decorative concrete installation a sustainable option is the reduction of waste produced in the process. Depending on the kind of work that needs to be done, you may only need to set an attractive overlay without destroying the existing subfloor. Or you may simply just modify the existing subfloor.

Features of decorative concrete

You don’t have to do all the work to understand the sheer benefits that decorative concrete offers. You may check out our gallery to get inspiration. We provide free consultation, and we’re excited to share our ideas to transform your residential or commercial property. We also specialise in a full range of Permeable Paving Options.

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CJ Wicks Roof Painting

Permeable Paving

This mixture of Rock Pave™, natural river stone & our special inhouse resin provides a durable, strong & UV stable product that is ideal for Australian conditions.

Quartz carpet Melbourne

Quartz Carpet

A beautiful and slip resistant covering that is the combination of natural quartz granules combined with epoxy resin that can be finished with a variety of textures.

Decorative concrete Melbourne (3)

Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete comes in an incredibly large range of effects, textures & finishes. It is extremely versatile in its uses & is tough & durable.

Permeable Paving Melbourne

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