We provide unique, tailored surfaces to residential, commercial and industrial properties. We work closely with each client to provide the perfect flooring solution fo your personal needs.

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Permeable Paving driveway

Permeable Paving

This durable and slip resistant floor covering comes in a wide range of colours and creates a visual appeal of an elegant seamless surface.

Quartz Carpet in office

Quartz Carpet

Quartz Carpet is a stunning and unique flooring system. It is ideal for commercial, residential, industrial, recreational & institutional settings.

Decorative Concrete with bench

Decorative Concrete

This extremely durable flooring option comes in a wide range of designs, molds, colours, and textures with options to suit any budget.

Quartz Carpet Melbourne

Quartz carpet is the post-modern, elegant flooring solution to anyone who wants to experience elegance and luxury without breaking the bank. If this is the first time you’ve heard about quartz flooring, that’s because this isn’t as popular as conventional surfaces, like concrete or wood or stone. But it offers a distinct personality to your home design. This is the brand new look to try for your home or business.

There are a lot of good points to mention. That’s why it’s hard to figure out what exactly is the best thing about quartz carpet. Is it the look? Is it the seamless continuity between rooms? Is it the unexpected toughness of the material? Or is it the classiness that blends well with your interior design?

Slip-resistant natural flooring

Don’t you just despise it when you come home to meet your kids or pets only to have to walk carefully because the floor is a little too slippy? That’s a problem with polished conventional flooring. There’s always a chance that you might slip and fall. That’s not a problem with quartz carpet. The natural quartz granules offer friction that feels good on the foot. It feels so good that you want to rub your feet on it. It also offers a lot of safety for the kids and the elderly.

Thermal conductivity

It’s a fancy way of saying quartz carpet allows for better, faster heating. If you have heated floors, the quartz stones conduct heat efficiently. You will quickly feel the pleasant warmth on your feet, as opposed to the spine-tingling chill of concrete or stone flooring. This is something you may need in winter.

Leveled floor

Ground imperfections create uneven floors that can be annoying or bothersome. Quartz carpet eliminates this problem by accommodating any ground contour or surface defect on the existing substrate. You get an even surface, which is great not just for walking but also for furniture.

Lots of choices

From colours to designs, you have a multitude of options that you can’t enjoy with other types of flooring. With quartz carpet, you can choose from among over a thousand colours. You can also customise your own design to get that most coveted unique look. This is as versatile as it gets. In addition, it frankly is the most adaptable solution to your home design.


One of the best things about quartz carpet is its durability, which many people don’t expect. At first glance, the quartz granules look so delicate that you feel like tiptoeing on the surface and not dragging furniture over it. But this is a robust flooring. Remember that quartz is one of the hardest minerals. When bound with epoxy resin, it creates a tough surface with incredible shock resistance.

Easy installation

Carpet quartz can be installed conveniently over your existing floor. This is what makes it so appealing to property owners who want a quick home improvement. There’s no need to destroy the existing flooring. Without much preparation, we’re able to shorten the duration of the project.

At Permeable Paving Melbourne, we have professionals who are certified carpet quartz installers. Let us know what you have in mind. We provide free consultation and inspection. We also give our potential clients a detailed quote based on their needs and preferences. 

Micro Colour Samples

Micro Colour Samples

Blade Colour Samples

Blade Colour Samples

Mineral Colour Samples

Mineral Finish Colour Samples

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Unique Flooring Solutions

Our team of flooring professionals provide a full range of architecturally designed and unique surface solutions. If you are looking to enhance the look of your home or business let us create a unique design that suits your individual needs.

CJ Wicks Roof Painting

Permeable Paving

This mixture of Rock Pave™, natural river stone & our special inhouse resin provides a durable, strong & UV stable product that is ideal for Australian conditions.

Quartz carpet Melbourne

Quartz Carpet

A beautiful and slip resistant covering that is the combination of natural quartz granules combined with epoxy resin that can be finished with a variety of textures.

Decorative concrete Melbourne (3)

Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete comes in an incredibly large range of effects, textures & finishes. It is extremely versatile in its uses & is tough & durable.

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